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Taizhou Xiekang Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Taizhou Xiekang Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Building 2, No. 1367, East Section of Stadium Road, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, with elegant environment and convenient transportation.The company has more than 21,000 square meters of factory buildings and more than 500 employees. It is mainly engaged in the production of various safety wires and cables, plug power cords and plug-in wiring harnesses. The products are widely used in various household appliances, office equipment, industrial equipment, medical Internal and external connections such as equipment and cars.The production equipment is advanced, the technology is complete, and there are professional power cord product testing and testing equipment; the company has complete various infrastructure facilities, and has initially formed a production and processing mode from PVC particles to wire and cable processing and plug power cord production and processing, and the scale is growing day by day.

At present, the company's customer base includes many well-known enterprises and listed companies at home and abroad.The company's quality management system and environmental system are fully implemented in accordance with ISO9001-2008 version and ISO14001-2004 version, and have obtained corresponding certification.

The company has strong technical force and complete various safety certifications.At present, the certifications that have passed include UL, C-UL, VDE, PSE, CCC, SAA, BSI, KTL, UC, IRAM, KEMA, IMQ, OVE, SEV, ASTA, SASO and other certified products from 20 countries and regions.All products produced meet the requirements of EU RoHS regulations, and derive REACH, PAHS, phthalate and other standards.The company is committed to maintaining friendly relations with third-party manufacturers, and has gradually formed a benign supply and marketing network.

The company pays attention to discovering talents, cultivating talents, using talents, making the best use of their talents, making people suitable and competing for their merits.Full participation in quality assurance is the business philosophy of Xingkang to become more perfect and more competitive. We hope that we will work together to create brilliance!

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